1st Conference of the European
Association of Systems Medicine

26th - 28th October 2016 Berlin

Everything you always wanted to know about Personalised Medicine in Clinical Care

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now closed.

Submitted abstracts are currently under review. 


The Scientific Committee of the 1st EASyM conference welcomes abstract submissions for poster and oral presentations in the following categories:

  1. Tackling inflammation across multiple diseases via Systems Medicine
  2. Clinical implementation of Systems Medicine
  3. Modelling, Computation and Handling of Data in Health Research
  4. Doctor and Patient involvement in the era of personalised medicine
  5. Systems metabolomics and its relation to disease
  6. Other personalised medicine topic

Guidelines for Abstract submission


  1. Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards. By submitting an abstract, you confirm that the content of the abstract is free from plagiarism, and that you agree to have your abstract submitted to a plagiarism detection software programme, if needed.
  2. A maximum of three abstracts may be submitted by the same presenting author.
  3. An identical or too similar abstract cannot be submitted several times to different groups. It can only be submitted once, to one group.
  4. Trade names should not be mentioned in the title. However, trade names in brackets will be accepted in the body of the text.
  5. References (maximum of 2) can be included in the body of the text (e.g. Jones, R.A. et al. Science 1986; 67:24-30).
  6. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility.
  7. Abbreviations should be defined.
  8. Avoid a sweeping or potentially unwarranted final sentence. 

Length of abstract

maximum 1,810 characters including spaces, plus one table or one figure

Font size of table and figure details should be big enough to be still readable when printed on an A6 size page.


You must select one preferred category to which your abstract applies (see category details above). Please do not submit an identical abstract to different groups.

The EASyM Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the category of submission in order to achieve a well-balanced scientific programme and coherent abstract’s sessions.

Notice of Selection

Abstracts will be accepted based on scientific excellence following a selection process by the EASyM scientific committee.

Abstracts will be accepted for the six categories, with the EASyM Scientific Committee reserving the right to allocate abstracts to either oral presentations or poster discussion. Notice of selection will be given latest one month after closure of abstract call, and notice of scheduled format and time of presentation latest one month after selection.

Conference publications 

The full content of the accepted abstracts will be available on the EASyM conference website one week before the start of the conference.

How to submit your abstract

 Please fill out the abstract submission template and send it to 



contact info.easym@gmail.com

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